When I met Viktor and Rolf

Today I met the most wonderful duo in fashion world: Viktor&Rolf.

I absolutely love them. They are so extravagant and so amazing. They know what they want and what to do to be different from other designers.

Today the limited edition of Vogue was coming out with a nice box and a little perfume ‘Flowerbomb’ from Viktor&Rolf.
I was working, but sneaked out and bought a limited edition of Vogue and went to the signing table 🙂

They were so nice and so cool.



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Love of my life!


Today I met the love of my life: Joe Sugg.

He was in Amsterdam for the weekend and he had a meet&greet at the Dam square. He was absolutely lovely and nice. And of course, good looking 🙂 he was really small. Didn’t expect that at all! I thought he would be at least taller than me, but we have the same height 🙂
The meet&greet was crowded! So much people wanted to see him and his friend Chai.
The meeting was at 4 pm and I waited for an half hour to meet him. I met so many lovely people who are also fan of Joe Sugg. So funny to meet the people who like the same stuff as you do. Never had that before.

In the picture you see me and Joe with the same watch.

I think I’m in love. ❤

The end.

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Watch this!

Knowing the time is very important. You don’t wanna be late for that very important job interview or your classes. Nobody likes to be late. I think is so embarrasing! You have to make an excuse and that’s so awkward!

So, to be on time, you can look for the time on your phone, but I prefer a beautiful watch on my wrist.
My favorite watches are by Micheal Kors, Calvin Klein and lately Casio. I bought this amazing retro watch in Hong Kong. It’s absolutely amazing!

What do you guys think? 

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