Hi Everyone!

How are you guys doing?
I ate lunch today with my lovely friends Annika and Anique at a lunchcafé called ‘ Singel 404’ in Amsterdam. It was delicious and so healthy! They serve all homemade things and good quality food. I suggest you guys go to Singel 404. The streetname is the same as the name of the lunchcafé.




Last week my mother came over to Amsterdam for a ‘mum and daughter’ day. We went out for lunch at Palladium. Palladium is a very trendy lunchbar/bistro in the area Leidseplein.
I had a salmon sandwhich and my mother a tomato soup with basil. The lunch is good and the price is okay.
Definetely go to Palladium for some lunch. Very fresh and healthy indeed!

X Karin

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On wednesday I went to the Amsterdam Fashionweek with a friend of mine. We saw a Fashion theatre show from new, young designers. It was really interesting but a bit short.
It was for me the first time to go on a event such like these. I had no idea what to wear and that is a crucial thing, especially when you are going to a fashion event.
Well, this is what I wore and hopefully I can go to events like this more often.

X Karin

When in Rome….

Hello Everyone!

How are you doing guys? It’s been a long time that I wrote something on my blog. It’s because I’ve been travelling so much, Christmas was around the corner, New Year and I had my exams.
But here I am now, finally to write you guys something about one of my trips that I made in December with my parents: Rome.

On December 22th my parents and I went to Rome for 4 days. I was really excited, cause I’ve never been to Rome before.
It was a two hour flight from Düsseldorf-Weeze to Rome Campiano. When we arrived at Rome Campiano we drove with a shuttle bus to Rome centre and had dinner in one of the restaurants in the city. Unfortunately I forgot the name of it… it was bad though….
I had a pizza napolitana, which was a pizza with ansjovis and some cheese and capers. Not very tasty at all! So, that was a nice introduction to the real Italian cuisine 😛

IMG_8424  Pizza Napolitana.

We stayed at a hotel 15 minutes away from the Vatican. It was a long road to take us to the centre of the city.

On our first day we took the bus and the metro to the Trevi Fontain. We couldn’t find it in the first place so we asked locals how to get to the Trevi Fontain. The people in Italy are so polite and nice. Most of them don’t speak English or whatsoever, but they were very friendly. Eventually we found the Trevi Fontain. The weather was nice and it wasn’t too crowded, so we were able to took a lot of pictures with not so many people around us.

IMG_8489 Trevi Fontain

They say that when you throw a coin into the fontain, that you will come back to Rome again. Which, of course, I did! It is all a mythe of course, but it is fun to do it and of course you’re coming back to Rome, cause it is beautiful!

IMG_8483Trevi Fontain

After the Trevi Fontain we walked to the Pantheon. The Pantheon was beautiful inside. It has a round roof and when you step in you see a lot of gorgeous paintings.

IMG_8485 Pantheon

IMG_8459 Inside the Pantheon.

After the Pantheon we were craving an ice-cream. And were in the world do they serve the best ice-creams? Well, yes, in Italy! They got so many different flavours and they scoop you big ones as well.
So, after the ice creams we moved on to Piazza Navona, but first we stopped to have lunch. I ordered a lentilsoup with basil and some bread. It was so delicious! I always eat lentil when I’m at home, but I never ate lentilsoup. It really was good!

After finishing our lunch we walked to the Piazza Navona. You couln’t miss the Piazza Navona. It’s a giant building in the middle of a shoppingstreet.
All the buildings in Rome are so big and so beautiful! It really was an eye opener for me and mindblowing!

P1020591Piazza Navona

It was about 3 pm when we arrived at the Piazza Navona. We did some shopping as well during our sightseeing walk. I bought some Dr. Martens and some perfume made in Italy.
After all that we decided to go back to the hotel, cause our battery of our cameras was about to die and we were a bit tired.
The ride to our hotel took so long. We were back at the hotel at 4.30 pm. After a short rest, we headed back to the city for dinner and some more sightseeing by night.

We went to the Spanish stairs and the shopping area around it. The Spanish stairs were crowded but the ambiance was so good. I must be beautiful in the summertime.

IMG_8589 Spanish stairs

The shopping area around the Spanish stairs are expensive. Think about Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Chanel, Versace, Salvatore Ferrogamo etc.
In the middle of two shopping streets there was a big Christmas tree. What a beautiful sight!

IMG_8596Christmas tree

Our second and last day we first went to the Colosseum and the “ancient city”. The Colosseum is absolutely beautiful! It was enormous, it was exactly what I espected it to be like. I suddenly love history. I imagined what it was like to be there for a gladiator game or something like that in 800 b.C.

 IMG_8688The Colosseum

IMG_8689 The Colosseum with a random ‘gladiator’

P1020755 The Colosseum

After that, we went to the Vatican. I don’t have even words to describe the Vatican. It is enormous and so beautiful!

DSC_1044    Vatican

DSC_1040 Sistine Chapel

DSC_0960 Inside Sistine Chapel



After the Sistine Chapel and an bit of the Vatican, we went out for dinner. We had to be quick, cause it was Christmas day. A lot of shops and restaurants were closed at 4 pm. We found a restaurant that was open and ate there. I had some scampi spaghetti with vegetables. Italian people do eat a lot and they give you big portions as well! It was delicious and it was a good way to end the city trip in Rome.


I definetly want to go back to Rome. I haven’t seen much of Rome, cause we only stayed there for 3 days. Next time I want to see everything in the Ancient Rome and again the Vatican.

Have you been to Rome?



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Man finds Jennifer Lawrence’s phone in the back of a cab.

Schrijver Alex Mann was na een avondje uit van plan om naar huis te lopen, maar door het ongure weer in New York koos hij er toch last minute voor om met de taxi te gaan. Hij stapte in om daarna te ontdekken dat hij op iets hards landde, namelijk een iPhone. Hij drukt de telefoon aan, die vergrendeld is en op de achtergrond staat een foto van een bassethond. De vingerafdrukfunctie werkt niet, dus probeert Alex de cijfercode in te voeren. De voor de hand liggende codes zoals 1-2-3-4, 9-8-7-6 (en zelfs 6-9-6-9) werken niet. Dan tikt hij 1-9-9-9 in (do we spy a Prince fan?). Wonder boven wonder is dit de juiste code.

De apps op het hoofdscherm wijzen op een ongeorganiseerde boel van ongelezen e-mails, gemiste gesprekken en ongeopende berichten. Omdat de batterij bijna leeg is, gaat Alex snel naar de filmrol om er zo achter te kunnen komen aan wie de telefoon toebehoort.

De selfies die hij daar vindt doen hem denken aan Jennifer Lawrence. Na wat meer foto’s gezien te hebben weet hij het zeker: dit ís Jennifer Lawrence. Ook haar moeder en hond komen voor op de kiekjes, evenals een aantal internet memes over Jennifer.

Hij gaat naar de berichten. De meest recente is van “Sara K”, 15 minuten geleden. Sara stuurde een adres (met de vermelding “Gebouw met waterspuwer, maar niet de enge soort.”, waarop Jennifer reageerde met “Onderweg en bang.”)

Slim als Alex is, geeft hij het adres door aan de taxibestuurder. Hij stuurt Sara een bericht dat hij de iPhone gevonden heeft met de vraag hoe hij het terug kan geven. (Héél vriendelijk.) Vrijwel meteen ontvangt Alex een berichtje terug en ze spreken af bij een pizzatent in de buurt. Wanneer hij daar aankomt is er nog niemand, 10 minuten later is er nog steeds geen Jennifer of Sara te bekennen. Dan valt de telefoon uit, wat Alex extra nerveus maakt.

Wanneer hij in de rij gaat staan voor een pizza merkt hij een meisje en jongen op die buiten oogcontact met hem maken. “Zijn jullie hier voor de telefoon?” vraagt Alex. Het meisje lijkt Sara te zijn en hij overhandigt haar de iPhone. Hij maakt aanstalten om weg te gaan maar Sara onderbreekt hem en zegt “ze is blij dat je ‘m hebt gevonden, ik had haar bijna mijn oude telefoon gegeven. Ze zei dat als je geen big monster weirdo bent je wel even hoi kan komen zeggen.” Alex volgt het duo naar een gebouw aan de overkant.

Jennifer staat binnen met een game controller in haar hand en het appartement ruikt naar gebakken chocoladekoekjes. Sara zegt dat ze haar telefoon hebben gevonden, Jennifer bedankt Alex in eerste instantie koeltjes, maar vliegt hem dan om de hals: “Phone saver!”




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I Found Jennifer Lawrence’s Cell Phone In A Cab

This is one of the most funniest short stories I’ve ever read. It is so sweet and I could imagine Jennifer Lawrence doing and saying these stuffs 🙂 Go and read it!

Thought Catalog

“This will be my exercise for the day,” I thought as I left the bar, planning to walk home.

Like most winter nights in New York City, I was in a cab a minute later. I hop in and land on something blocky. It feels like a seat belt. I don’t wear seat belts in cabs, but didn’t want to sit on it for the entirety of the ride. I reach under me and feel familiar plastic: an iPhone case.

I yell up to the cab driver. “Hey, someone left a phone back here.” He mumbles something into his bluetooth headset, ignoring me.

I tap the home button and the screen lights up. It’s locked. Glowing behind the keypad is a picture of a dog. White with brown ears. A basset hound, I think.

It’s the new iPhone with the fingerprint reader, which I heard were faulty. I press down…

View original post 1,258 more words


This year I made a deal with myself. I wanna eat more healthier. I already did, but I want to eat more cleaner and hopefully get a leaner body.
It really is cliché what I am saying, but I think every year should be a new start of new things and new failures 🙂

I recently found this recipe on the internet on how to make overnight oats. Oats are very healthy. They are good for your digestion and skin, plus, they are cheap.
I usually eat muesli for breakfast with skim milk but changed it up to oats with soy milk for many reasons. It’s healthier, you can add your own favorite food to it and it is cheaper.
Soy milk is also a very very healthy product. It is actually better than skim milk or any type of milk.
Soy milk doesn’t maintain lactose or any fat.

How I make it:

– First find a bowl and put some oats in it.
– Pour some (soy)milk into the bowl and stir it up with the oats.
– To add some flavour, I added some cinnamon which reminds me of Christmas and Apple pie 🙂
– Than, to make the oats much healthier I put in a banana and some almond.
Et voilá!

On my Instagram a post a video on how I make my overnight oats. Go check that out!

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My favorite Youtubers!

Hi Everyone!

Nowadays everyone knows what Youtube is. For the ones who doesn’t, here is a short history and explanation about Youtube: Youtube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and owned by Google since late 2006 on which users can upload, view and share videos.
The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash and HTML 5 technology to display a wide variety of user-generated video content, including video clips, TV clips, and music videos and amateur content such as video blogging short original videos, and educational videos.

Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, but media corporations including CBS, the BBC,VEVO, Hulu and other organizations offer some of their material via YouTube, as part of the YouTube partnership program.Unregistered users can watch videos, and registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos. Videos considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users affirming themselves to be at least 18 years old. YouTube, LLC was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion in November 2006 and now operates as a Google subsidiary.
( Now you guys became smarter 😛 )

Youtube is amazing! It’s like your own personal “TV” where you can play your favorite songs and don’t have to listen to that one particular song you don’t like. Or watch that funny clip over and over again, or that interview with your favorite actor/singer.
I think Youtube is amazing! Personally, I think Youtube is better and much more fun than TV or Radio. For example: you post one video on the internet, ( it’s a funny one or a video where you can show your talents), it becomes very popular in no time!

I always loved Youtube. About a few years ago I discovered that Youtube is not only about music videos. There are so many videos on Youtube and several people became famous because of Youtube. Think about Justin Bieber and Esmee Denters who are now succesful singers.
Not only musicians became famous with the help of Youtube, also make up artist Michelle Phan. All these people just uploaded a video on Youtube and became famous.

I follow a lot of people on Youtube. I like they vlogs, the videos they are making and them as a person. Well, I’ve never met them before, ( only one of them, Joe Sugg. He is so cute! ) but it’s like I know them, because they share so much with us ( the audience/fans ).

I hope I can go to Vidcon or Summer at the City to meet all my favorite Youtubers. 🙂

Down here is a list of my favorite Youtubers that I adore 🙂

My favorite Youtubers:

Zoe Sugg
This girl is amazing! Her fashion style is really electic and she teach you about beautyproducts. She could be my best friend. 🙂

Joe Sugg
The little brother of Zoe Sugg. I met him when he was visiting Amsterdam. He is so lovely and even cuter in real life.
He makes really funny videos.

Caspar Lee (a.k.a The Slut )
What a funny guy! I really enjoy watching his videos, cause he’s absolutely amazing an awesome! 🙂

Tanya Burr
Tanya is also a beautyguru who teach you about trendy looks and everything beautywise. Her tutorials are amazing!

Matthew Hussey
Look at this guy. Handsome, charming. He talks about dating and give us women tips about feeling confident and dating.

Tyler Oakley
This guy could be my best gay friend! I absolutely adore him! He is funny, genuine and likeable! What you see, is what you get!

Jack and Finn Harries
This two handsome twins are amazing! They are so talented and have a big passion. They do all kind of stuffs helping people and travelling around the world.

The Finebros
These are two brothers who ask kids, teens, Youtubers and Elders about they reaction on a video. Whether it’s a music video or a viral video.
This concept is really good and I think it teach you about how other people think about something. Really interesting!

Michelle Phan
This girl is amazing! Her tutorials are very helpfull for me, since I am an Asian and so does she. She gives you the most briljant tips on make up.

Do you know all these Youtubers? I highly recommend to follow them all!



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Performance at the Schiphol airport

Hi Everyone!

Just a very quick post. While I was working at the aeroport Schiphol, I saw this piano.
I had nothing to do and I was in charge, so I played on the piano for a while.
I played a several composions by Chopin and Mozart.
Suddenly, a random guy came to me and said it was beautiful! That really made my day! 🙂 and to top that off, before I left he hugged me. Wow! That just happened :p

I was happy that he was happy and very lovely!

Have you guys experienced something like this before?



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Christmas market in Düsseldorf

Hi Everyone!

On saturday December 7th, I went to the Christmas market in Düsseldorf with my lovely friends Noor and Suus. Last year we went there as well. It’s almost a tradition for us 🙂

Christmas markets in Germany are a big thing. It is all well known worldwide.
They say that the best Christmas market is in Cologne, Germany.
You can get anything at the Christmas market. All kinds of comfort food, jewelry, decorations, accessoires, and last but not least: the famous glühwein!

We took a stroll down the stands and we drank glühwein and I bought a lovely Tiger eye pendal, a ring and two salt stone candle holders.





Have you ever been to a Christmas market?



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