Disclosure in concert!

Hi everyone!

Exciting news! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Tickets in the Melkweg, Amsterdam were all sold out! So, i was really sad 😦
Two weeks later, they announced a concert in Klokkengebouw,Eindhoven.

You guys know Disclosure? 🙂


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Man candy

Here is something for the ladies:

Just a few hot guys that are my type. 🙂 love a man in a good suit and tie 😉







What are your types? The jock, the nerd, the arty farty type?

Let me know!

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Sushi time!

Yesterday I had dinner with my lovely friend Mei Xin. We ate sushi! I love sushi. It’s so healthy and light. Salmon and tuna has so many good ‘fat’. It’s good for your health, skin, heart and brains. Keep than moist :p

You guys like sushi as well? 🙂


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Great album of Kings of Leon

A few weeks ago I heard that Kings of Leon was coming with a new album. As a fan of Kings of Leon, I had to but the new album.
I was really curious about the new songs on the album. So, I went on Youtube and listened to some of the new songs. I was immediately in love with the song ‘Wait for me’. Now I knew for sure, I have to buy the album!

Yesterday, I was shopping and passed by a cd shop. I asked them if they had ‘ Mechanical Bull ‘ by Kings of Leon and they had it! So I bought the album, went home, put it in the stereo and listened to the album whole night long.
The sound of the album isn’t that different from the previous albums. It’s just Kings of Leon. They doing what they can do best: make good music.
I wouldn’t say that this album is the best of them. I really like the 4th album: ‘Come around sundown’.

What do you guys think of the new album and Kings of Leon?




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Mum and daughter day

This week, my mother came to Amsterdam to visit me. She stayed at my place for a few days.
I had to show her an other side of Amsterdam, not the usual sightseeing things like the Dam Square or the Red Light district. It’s not the first time for my mother in Amsterdam. When I was younger we went a several times to Amsterdam, the capitol of our country The Netherlands. My parents didn’t like Amsterdam that much as I do. But since I live here, I wanted to show them the ‘real’ Amsterdam.

The first day my mother and I took a stroll in the Vondelpark. The weather was nice and it was quiet. My mother found it very calm.
Right next to the Vondelpark, the famous and expensive street ‘ P.C Hooftstraat ‘
We went shopping and had a lovely lunch at Bagels&Beans



After lunch we went shopping again through the ‘Negen Straatjes’. These streets have lots of lovely boutiques such as COS, Verlour, lots of secondhand shops and lunchrooms. If you looking for alternative clothes and ‘real’ Amsterdam, go check that out!

After a long day of shopping we ate dinner at Oriental China in China town.
That was very tasty.


Food at Oriental: Chicken feet. Very exotic.

I planned to go to the cinema after dinner, so we went to see ‘ About Time ‘.
Lovely movie with Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson.
The film was so lovely to watch. I like those cheesy love stories.
The movie was allright, a bit too long I think for a romantic love story. It was 123 min long. If it was me, I found that 100 min. will do.
After the movie, we went back to my room in Amsterdam.
We had a long day after all.

The next day we went to the famous warehouse ‘ De Bijenkorf ‘. I introduced my mother to some of my collegues and friends.
After that, we took the train back to Breda.

It was a lovely 2 days with my mother and hopefully she can come more often.


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When I met Viktor and Rolf

Today I met the most wonderful duo in fashion world: Viktor&Rolf.

I absolutely love them. They are so extravagant and so amazing. They know what they want and what to do to be different from other designers.

Today the limited edition of Vogue was coming out with a nice box and a little perfume ‘Flowerbomb’ from Viktor&Rolf.
I was working, but sneaked out and bought a limited edition of Vogue and went to the signing table 🙂

They were so nice and so cool.



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Happy Birthday!


Today it’s October 10th and that means: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!
I turned 20 today. I feel so old now :p
What I’m going to do today is drinking with a friend of my and some friends are coming over.
On saturday, I have a small party with my closets friends 🙂

Take care of you guys today!


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Love of my life!


Today I met the love of my life: Joe Sugg.

He was in Amsterdam for the weekend and he had a meet&greet at the Dam square. He was absolutely lovely and nice. And of course, good looking 🙂 he was really small. Didn’t expect that at all! I thought he would be at least taller than me, but we have the same height 🙂
The meet&greet was crowded! So much people wanted to see him and his friend Chai.
The meeting was at 4 pm and I waited for an half hour to meet him. I met so many lovely people who are also fan of Joe Sugg. So funny to meet the people who like the same stuff as you do. Never had that before.

In the picture you see me and Joe with the same watch.

I think I’m in love. ❤

The end.

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