This year I made a deal with myself. I wanna eat more healthier. I already did, but I want to eat more cleaner and hopefully get a leaner body.
It really is cliché what I am saying, but I think every year should be a new start of new things and new failures 🙂

I recently found this recipe on the internet on how to make overnight oats. Oats are very healthy. They are good for your digestion and skin, plus, they are cheap.
I usually eat muesli for breakfast with skim milk but changed it up to oats with soy milk for many reasons. It’s healthier, you can add your own favorite food to it and it is cheaper.
Soy milk is also a very very healthy product. It is actually better than skim milk or any type of milk.
Soy milk doesn’t maintain lactose or any fat.

How I make it:

– First find a bowl and put some oats in it.
– Pour some (soy)milk into the bowl and stir it up with the oats.
– To add some flavour, I added some cinnamon which reminds me of Christmas and Apple pie 🙂
– Than, to make the oats much healthier I put in a banana and some almond.
Et voilá!

On my Instagram a post a video on how I make my overnight oats. Go check that out!

Instagram: KaartjeT




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