EMA, Breaking Bad and Swizz Beatz

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post.
The past few days were amazing for me!
As you guys know, the EMA Awards is this year hold in Amsterdam, the capitol of the Netherlands. The days before the show, there are a lot of events going on, like MTV voices. This event gives you an inside of MTV behind the scenes. Several people like the producers of MTV, VJ’s, actors and musicians are talking about how to achieve your goal, sneak preview about the shows of MTV, how to be a good presenter and how to become succesfull.
On Thursday I went to two readings. The first reading was by Steve Regan, the executive producer from MTV UK. He is the man behind ‘The Valleys’, ‘Geordie Shore’, and many many more.
He told us about how he comes up with an idea for a programma, how to be in this media industry and how he loves his job. Very sincere, lovely man who was really inspiring as well.

The second reading was more of a workshop. The photography gallery/museum ‘Foam’ in Amsterdam gave us a workshop: ‘Photo snapping’. How to get a good picture.
Well, I really like taking photos and love posting them as well on Instagram or Facebook. I know that the photos aren’t the best or the most artistic, but what I capture in the photos are always the things I really like. So, why not follow a workshop that helps me with taking good photos so I can make better photos to entertain you guys with.
The workshop was really interesting and it helped me to look to things in a very different perspective and taking photos differently, fron another angle.

On Friday I had one reading. This one was with the amazing and talented actor RJ Mitte from ‘Breaking Bad’. I have to admit… I never saw an episode of ‘Breaking Bad’, but after his talk about the show, about himself, it really maked me curious about the show. So, I’m going to watch all the series πŸ™‚
RJ Mitte was a really nice, shy guy who was so lovely. I really liked this guy, allthough I didn’t know him before.
RJ told us about the process of getting the role in the serie ‘Breaking Bad’, his live as an actor, learning process about this industry. I thought it was a really good and funny talk from him.
After his talk, I asked him if I may take a picture with him πŸ™‚ it took me a while, but I did it!




As if it couldn’t get better, I’m going to a special concert by the Imagine Dragons in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam during the EMA Award Show, tomorrow November 10th. I’m really excited how the shows going to be.

I’ll keep you updated.

X Karin

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Twitter me: @KaartjeT


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