Great album of Kings of Leon

A few weeks ago I heard that Kings of Leon was coming with a new album. As a fan of Kings of Leon, I had to but the new album.
I was really curious about the new songs on the album. So, I went on Youtube and listened to some of the new songs. I was immediately in love with the song ‘Wait for me’. Now I knew for sure, I have to buy the album!

Yesterday, I was shopping and passed by a cd shop. I asked them if they had ‘ Mechanical Bull ‘ by Kings of Leon and they had it! So I bought the album, went home, put it in the stereo and listened to the album whole night long.
The sound of the album isn’t that different from the previous albums. It’s just Kings of Leon. They doing what they can do best: make good music.
I wouldn’t say that this album is the best of them. I really like the 4th album: ‘Come around sundown’.

What do you guys think of the new album and Kings of Leon?




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