Too much food!


This was all my food… I eat a lot. :-p

Yesterday, I was in Düsseldorf, Geenany with my parents for their birthday. Well, it’s their birthday today, but we celebrate it yesterday.

We had dinner at Maredos. It’s a Mexican restaurant and we come there very often. I really love the Mexican kitchen as well as the Japanese, the Chinese and the Italian kitchen. I really like food, as long it is healthy. I don’t eat red meat and tru not to eat fastfood.

I ordered my favorite dish there: Vegetarian Fajitas with a mixed salate. And I was very hungry, so I ordered a side potato dish as well 🙂
It was very tastefull! Next time I’m not going to order the side potato dish!
In Germany they are very generous with food. They give you as much as possible!

So, now I’n curious, what is your favorite food? Do you like Mexican food as well?

Let me know!

Love, Karin

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