Say cheese!


Everywhere I go, when I see something beautiful or interesting, I will snap that on camera.
Mostly I don’t have my camera with me, than I will use my Iphone to take the picture.

But I prefer to take a picture with my lovely Leica Camera limited edition Paul Smith.
I saw this camera at the Photokina Fair in Cologne, Germany. The photo fair shows you every new thing about cameras, projecting, photos, the newest gadgets etc. It’s absolutely amazing! I went there for one day, but wish I could stay longer.
At the Leica section, I saw this amazing camera: Leica limited edition Paul Smith. I immediately fell in love with it. I asked when this camera was on the market and they said that I have to put my name on the list. I didn’t know what he meant, but there were only a 1500 limited edition Leica cameras available in the whole world! And I had to wait till November.

When I was in Berlin last year October with my parents, I saw the Leica limited edition camera at the Leica store. I wanted the camera so bad!
So, I went to the store and ask them if I can bought the Leica limited edition Paul Smith camera. They also said, that I had to put my name on a list, but that they will order it for me. I was so happy! It was a expensive camera, but I just had to have him!

Two months later and I received a package from Leica. I was so excited!
I opened it, and I just couldn’t stop looking and touching it.
I was so happy with it! It was expensive, but really worth it.
There were just a 1500 cameras in the whole world and I just got one of them! I felt so good!
It took time for me to find out how the camera works.

Do you guys know the brand Leica and the limited edition cameras?
What do you guys think about this camera?
Let me know!

X Karin

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