Music makes you lose control!

Hi everyone!

How you guys doing? As some of you might know, I play several music instruments such as piano and saxophone. I’m better in playing the piano than the saxophone I would say. šŸ˜‰
I really like classical music as well as pop music. I love to listen to One Republic, Kings of Leon, Macklemore, Lana del Rey, Imagine Dragons and Coldplay. You can say I love that indiepop music thing. I saw One Republic live once, and in March I’m going to another concert of them in Amsterdam. In October, Macklemore is performing twice in Amsterdam…wish I had the tickets for one of his concerts. And in November, Imagine Dragons are giving a concert in Amsterdam as well. They all love Amsterdam! šŸ™‚
If I got the time, I really want to go to so many concerts. And of course, I have to find someone to go with me. But you know, not everyone got the time and the money for that.

But, when it comes to playing the piano or the saxophone, I prefer playing classical music. It’s not always simple and that’s the whole point.

My favorite composers are Chopin, Beethoven, Lizst and Grieg. These composers are from the Romantic genre. I love that genre! Whenever I play music from the Romantic era, it just give me shivers. My favorite pieces are by Chopin. That guy knew what emotions were! Absolutely! I played a lot of his pieces, like the Nocturnes and the Preludes.

What type of music do you listen to? Do you prefer pop or classical music, and why?

Here’s some of my piano playing skills. It could be better. Hopefully you guys like it!



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